1. What you get
We use only the most professional tools for pitching and timing your vocal. These include Melodyne, Waves Tune, Autotune, Elastic Pitch, Vocalign and Digital Performer's Pitch Automation. What you get is a professionally tuned and timed vocal to your taste, with a natural transparency as if the singer had nailed it in one.

From the “Send Tracks” page you submit your raw mono vocal track to us (ie minus any effects) along with an MP3 of you monitor mix. The quality of the monitor mix is not critical as it is only for chordal reference whilst tuning the vocal however it is important to send the vocal track in as higher resolution as possible.

Most Important: Make sure all yor audio files start at the same point in your session. It is impossible for us to assemble a session that has audio tracks starting at different points.

We accept AIFF, SDII, WAVE and Broadcast WAV files, with sample frequencies ranging from 44.1Khz to 96Khz, and file formats of 16 bit or 24 bit. The use of the MP3 format for Vocals is not recommended as this is usually of insufficient sound quality. However the MP3 format is fine for a reference monitor mix

2. Ordering your tracks is a very simple process
Go to the “Send Tracks” page and fill out the order form

In the instructions section give us as much information as you can with regard to whether you would like the vocals tuned 'heavily' 'medium' or lightly'. Obviously this will depend on the degree of inaccuracy in the first place but is also very much down to personal taste. For example some people prefer the vocal to be just "less out of tune" than "correct" or may wish for excessive vibrato to be calmed a little in places.

The more information you can provide, the better.

3. Approval
We will send you an mp3 review mix of your vocal/s for your approval.

4. Payment
Once we have received your track approval via email we will send you an invoice for the work, which will include a payment link taking you to a secure payment area.

Once payment has been received we will either, send you a link to a secure download area on our website from where you will be able to download the tracks, or despatch the CD-R / DVD-R in the post